CSE 15th Poster Exhibition!

Posted on Feb. 7, 2018, 9:25 a.m.

CSE department has arranged a Poster Exhibitions on 23rd March 2018, 3 pm at 6F. A.S.T.C, Yonsei Univ.(연세대 첨단관 6층).

At that time dinner and refreshments will be provided. Plus there will be an exciting lottery!

* Poster Presenter: Please send me a PDF version of your poster until Thursday 15th March. I expect you to be punctual. (Poster size: A1 (594 x 841))

** 초청장이 없는 외부인은 참석을 금합니다.

Two invitations will be given to each CSE presenter. You can invite friends/fellows/parents who are interested in CSE research topics. One can not join this poster exhibition without the authorized invitation.

발표자 : 


2018년 3월 CSE포스터발표회 발표자 (17팀)


현창민, Ariungerel Jargal, 타가, 김화평(4)


이호준, 김종수, 이정훈, 원성진, sajjad (5)

최윤영, 박현욱 (2)


김도현, Lina Zhao(2)



김경석, 신용민 (1)

이상희, 김원종(1)